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ComMarker B4 Laser Engraver Is an Affordable 20W Fiber Laser With Outstanding Performance!

Just a few years ago, a fiber laser engraver was something that cost tens of thousands of dollars and only just big companies could afford these wonderful machines. But today, thanks to the advancement of laser technology, even a small home business or a hobbyist can own one of these laser marking tools. A fiber laser engraving machine excels at engraving metal and plastics. It is precise and 100 times faster than conventional laser engravers. We have thoroughly tested the new and very affordable ComMarker B4 20W fiber laser engraver which delivers a lot of performance for its money with its motorized focusing Z-axis, live engraving preview, two different lenses, a rotary system, a foot pedal and handheld capability. It can also engrave in color! Read this review to see what it can really do!

ComMarker B4 – 20W/30W/50W/60W/100W fiber laser engraver&laser marking engraver machine

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$1,999 $1,699 Save:$300

B4 fiber laser engraver 0.01mm Precision 15000mm/s Engraving speed 20W Laser power ComMarker B4 fiber laser engraver 0.01mm Precision 15000mm/s

0 rotary
D69*1 Rotary
D69+D80 Rotary
D80 Rotary

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