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Do I need an enclosure for laser engraver?

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Brimming with advanced features, the modern marketplace is saturated with laser engravers due to their high demand. However, enhanced safety is not supported by all manufacturers. Safety is integral while using laser engravers.

Even short exposure to a laser can lead to permanent eye damage, and skin burns to the individual, along with risks of fire hazards. With the flexible manufacturing and print-on-demand industry growing at an exponential rate, laser engravers are opted by many SMEs and big corporations.

Laser engraver play a big part in the production of customized products, bulk production of medical supplies, or creating intricate designs on several materials. Although this technique is highly precise and time-efficient than traditional engraving methods, it requires safety features and certifications for user convenience.

In this regard, ComMarker which is a leading provider of laser engraving and marking came out with its high-performing laser engraver enclosure. It is equipped with optimized features that protect the operator from harm.

To understand better the Commarker’s laser engraver enclosure, we have created a detailed article for our readers below. It highlights the product’s construction, working, and its many characteristics.

Improved Safety Feature

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ComMarker has taken one step ahead in this direction to protect the users and provide reliable engraving solutions. They introduced a new laser engraver enclosure. Their laser engraving machine now comes with a switch and a port which need to be activated and connected for the enclosure to work.

Switch Function

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The primary safety control of the laser engraver is the switch. When the switch is turned on, it enables the enclosure to detect when the door is open. It stops the machine from working. If the switch is turned off then the laser engraver works normally without depending on the door being closed or open.

Port Function

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The port is designed to connect the laser engrave with the enclosure. This enables the visual sensors to work and detect the opening and closing of the door of the enclosure. It also detects if the switch is turned on or off.

Interlock System

There is an interlock mechanism built into the new safety feature. It stops the laser engraver from operating until the door is securely closed. One component of the interlock system is a mechanical switch or sensor that can identify when the door to the enclosure is closed. The door’s open state prompts an automated shutdown of the laser engraver. This cuts off any light beam generated by the laser.

Operation of Safety Feature

Created to minimize the risk of injuries caused to the individual operating the machine by laser exposure, ComMarker meticulously created its laser engraver enclosure. The presence of the new switch enables many new features that connect the machine to the enclosure. This enclosure is easy to operate and only needs a few steps to install. We have elaborated on how to use the laser engraver enclosure in 4 easy steps below.

Step-by-Step Guideline

Step 1: Activating the Switch

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The first step is to ensure that the laser engraving machine is placed at the correct spot within the enclosure.

  • In the top left corner on the back of ComMarkr’s laser engraver, a switch is provided.
  • Press the switch to enable the safety interlock mechanism to activate. This makes sure that the laser engraving machine only operates If the enclosure’s door is closed.

Step 2: Connecting Laser Engraver with Enclosure

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The second step is connecting the port with the laser engraving machine.

  • There is a port attachment space at the bottom of the switch.
  • Take the wire from the enclosure and place the port in the space. Twist it to secure it in place.
  • This automatically allows the sensors of the enclosure to detect the motion within its space.

Step 3: Laser Engraver Activation

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Upon connecting the two devices, the safety interlock signal is received by the machine. Make sure the door to the enclosure is closed in this step.

  • This is pre-determined in the laser engraving control system, which understands the signal in the form that it is safe for the laser engraver to work.
  • The operator can now activate the laser beam to create the desired design without interference.

Step 4:Safety Interlock Disengagement

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Once the enclosure door opens intentionally or unintentionally, it interrupts the laser engraving process.

  • The safety interlock mechanism is disengaged once the enclosure door is open. The laser engraver control system relies on this signal to cease the generation of laser beams from the laser head.
  • To make it work again, close the enclosure door and turn on the laser engraver as per its functions.

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Key Features of The Enclosure

After discussing the functionality and optimum way to use the ComMarker fiber laser engraver, we want to discuss some of its advantageous features.

1. Noise Reduction

The first and foremost feature of this enclosure is that it is composed of transparent acrylic plates. These plates can absorb noise. It reduces the noise coming from the laser engraver significantly, which is exceptional. It helps the operator to work with the machine better and for longer hours without facing any migraines or headaches.

2. Smoke Insulation Design

There is a smoke outlet at the rear end of the device, which reduces the accumulation of excess smoke within the enclosure. You can also attach a fume extractor at the outlet to eliminate any fumes and debris that may be present in the engraving area. This provides a clean and clear view of the engraving process. It also reduces the interference of any debris with the laser beam, which can ruin the engraving design.

3. Fire-resistant Construction

The frame of the enclosure is made of premium-quality aluminum alloy. This has fire-resistant properties in case of any fire hazards. The acrylic plates and the frame are capable of holding any fire within to keep the operator of the machine safe from burns or injuries. The construction of the enclosure is also top-notch, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

4. Auto-Turn Off

A feature that is one of the most important in ComMarker’s laser engraver enclosure is its auto-turn-off. If the individual opens the enclosure door, then the laser engraver turns off automatically. This will not turn on until the enclosure door is securely closed. The enclosure is also simple to clean and operate.

5. Integrated Lighting System

Within the enclosure, there is a lighting system. It allows the engraving area to stay well-lit for precision during the process.

Real-life Applications and Purpose

Here are a few applications of the ComMarker laser engraver enclosure.

1. Reduction of Accidental Damage

There is evidence of many incidences reported where slight laser exposure has left the person operating it with severe burns, eye damage, skin ruptures, and even fire risks. The enclosure’s protection feature ensures that the laser machine is not functional If its door stays closed. This allows to creation safe working environment for the operator during long engraving hours.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Controlled workspace provision is a big advantage of the laser engraving enclosure. This ensures compliance of the laser marking operations with the safety standards and regulations. It directly enhances the reliability of the manufacturer.

3. Improve Air Quality

During laser engraving, generally, debris and harmful fumes are everywhere. This causes the air to get contaminated and can cause various breathing issues in the individuals within that workspace. Removing fumes and debris carefully from the enclosure helps improve the air quality in the laser processing room/area. This makes the air more breathable for longer hours.

4. Enhanced Engraving Quality

As there are no distractions of fumes or waste from the material, the operator can focus on making top-quality designs and carvings with the machine. The operator can concentrate on the task better, which results in high-quality engravings.

5. Compatibility with Various Materials

ComMarker’s laser engraver enclosure is wide enough to fit a variety of machines and materials within. According to the engraving area of the machine, the enclosure can hold several types and sizes of materials. From metal products, and leather to acrylic substances, it helps engrave numerous things.

6. Product Customization and Marking

In manufacturing and industry, laser engravers mark items with logos, serial numbers, and additional details. Product marks are uniform and superior because the ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure manages engraving.

7. Use in Health Care Industry

Medical devices, prostheses, and specific implants are engraved using laser engravers. Engraving these fragile items is accurate and secure in the ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure’s clean setting.


Protection from the highly concentrated beam of light coming from the laser is key when operating a laser engraver. Whether it is in industry or a personal space, having a safe workspace is everyone’s priority. ComMarker does not fail to provide in this aspect with its laser engraver enclosure built of high-grade aluminum and strong acrylic plates.

It is resistant to fire and external conditions, making it a great long-term investment. The enclosure has an auto laser turn-off function, which switches off the laser beam If the door of the enclosure is opened. This helps reduce the risk of any accidental harm to the operator. We hope this article helped you understand ComMarker’s laser engraver enclosure it’s working effectively.

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