Precision Craftsmanship with ComMarker B4: Mastering Metal Engraving Technology

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In the realm of industrial manufacturing, the need for precision, efficiency, and reliability is paramount. The ComMarker B4 laser engraver stands as a testament to these requirements, offering unparalleled precision in laser engraving technology. Renowned for its advanced capabilities, the ComMarker B4 is a quintessential tool in various industries, consistently hailed as “the sharpest knife”, “the most accurate ruler”, and “the brightest light.

ComMarker B4 – 20W/30W/50W/60W/100W fiber laser engraver&laser marking engraver machine

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B4 fiber laser engraver 0.01mm Precision 15000mm/s Engraving speed 20W Laser power ComMarker B4 fiber laser engraver 0.01mm Precision 15000mm/s

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Understanding the Laser Engraver’s Role

The ComMarker B4 fits into the workflow of various professional environments where laser technology is applied for precise engraving and cutting. Its application ranges from detailed biomedical design implementations to the exacting requirements of industrial manufacturing. As a key component of the engraving system, the laser within the B4 is central to its operation, offering a balance of power and precision.

This machine is adept at engraving an array of materials specified for fiber laser use, making it a suitable choice for sectors that prioritize detail and accuracy, such as in the creation of electronic components and finely crafted jewelry. The B4’s capacity for detailed work supports productivity and enables versatility in manufacturing and creative design.

Inside the ComMarker B4: Components and Design  

Upon opening the ComMarker B4, one is greeted by a well-organized assembly of components that are essential to its operation. Inside the main body of the machine lie the power supply, the motherboard, and the fiber laser generator. These components form the backbone of the laser engraver, providing the necessary power and control for its precision operations.

The front board of the ComMarker B4 is equipped with several buttons, allowing for user-friendly interaction and control of the machine. On the back, various ports can be found, catering to power requirements and other functionalities, ensuring connectivity and compatibility with different systems. This thoughtful design demonstrates a commitment to user convenience and operational efficiency.

In an effort to optimize space and enhance the machine’s versatility, the rotary drive is not housed within the main body. Instead, it is attached externally when required. This modular approach allows for a more compact design, making the ComMarker B4 adaptable to various working environments without compromising on its capabilities.

A deeper look into the laser head of the ComMarker B4 reveals a sophisticated optical system. Here, a pair of galvos is found, each with its own motor. These galvos are critical in steering the laser beam with precision. Beneath them lies a field lens, strategically placed to focus and direct the laser light with high accuracy. The internal arrangement of these components is a testament to the machine’s innovative engineering, designed to deliver superior engraving performance.

It’s noteworthy that the fiber laser generator in the ComMarker B4 fiber laser engraver is positioned in the main body, a design choice that differentiates it from other models like UV or diode laser engravers, where the generator is often located in the laser head. This placement is significant, as it affects the machine’s overall design, efficiency, and laser output quality.

ComMarker B4 features an adjustable height column, a critical component in determining the focal length. This adjustability is crucial for achieving the desired precision in engraving tasks. The connecting pipe between the laser head and the main body contains essential wires and optical fibers, ensuring seamless transmission of laser light and electrical signals, vital for the machine’s synchronized and precise operations.

The Heart of the Machine: The Laser Generator

The laser generator within the ComMarker B4 is a fiber laser, characterized by its precision and efficiency, primarily designed for metal engraving. This system operates at a wavelength of approximately 1.064 micrometers, ideal for engraving a variety of metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. Its functionality extends to other materials like rubber, plastic, stone, black silicone on tires, and porcelain with a glazed surface, as well as dark-toned materials like leather and paper.

This fiber laser generator’s capability to mark such a diverse range of materials is attributed to the way its beam interacts at the microscopic level, allowing for exceptional control over the engraving depth and detail. The focused energy of the fiber laser is efficient at sublimating the material directly from a solid to a gaseous state, minimizing thermal impact and ensuring the integrity of the materials being engraved. With options for various power outputs from 20W to 60W and adjustable engraving speeds up to 15000mm/s, the B4 is optimized for performance across its specified material range, making it a versatile tool in the engraver’s arsenal.

How Lasers are Generated: The Science Behind the Beam  

The generation of a laser beam is a marvel of modern science. In the ComMarker B4, this process begins with electrons in the atoms of optical materials absorbing energy, leading them to move to higher-energy orbits. These electrons, upon returning to their normal state, emit photons, creating light that is both coherent and monochromatic. This coherent light, characterized by waves moving in unison, forms the basis of the laser beam used for engraving.

The process of creating this laser light is an intricate dance of physics and engineering. The photons generated are amplified through a series of reflections within the laser’s cavity, each time gaining intensity and coherence. This amplification results in a powerful and focused laser beam, capable of precise and intricate engraving. The controlled emission of photons is key to the laser’s ability to engrave with such precision and detail.

Directing the Laser: Galvo System and Field Lens  

The precision of the ComMarker B4 is further enhanced by its galvo system, which directs the laser beam with utmost accuracy. This system consists of two mirror-like glasses and a small motor, adjusting the beam as per the motherboard’s command. Following the galvo, the beam passes through a field lens. Unlike other brands, the ComMarker B4 uses a lens group, allowing for finer control and focus of the laser beam, crucial for achieving the promised 0.01mm precision.

In practical terms, the galvo system and field lens work in tandem to ensure that the laser beam is not only accurately directed but also precisely focused on the material being engraved. This level of control is essential for producing detailed and consistent engravings.

The field lens, in particular, plays a critical role in refining the laser beam, ensuring that it maintains its focus over the entirety of its path to the material.

The Engraving Process: From Command to Creation  

The engraving process begins with a command from the software, initiating the laser generator and controlling the galvo’s movement. The laser beam, after being generated, travels through an optical fiber to the laser head, where it is precisely directed and focused by the galvo and field lens. The final beam then accurately engraves the material, showcasing the machine’s exceptional precision and capability.

This sequence of operations highlights the ComMarker B4’s sophisticated integration of hardware and software. Each step, from the initial command to the final engraving, is a testament to the machine’s design and engineering. The end result is a product that not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of precision and quality in laser engraving.


The ComMarker B4 laser engraver is a pinnacle of laser engraving technology, embodying precision, efficiency, and versatility. Its intricate design, sophisticated components, and advanced laser generation capabilities make it a vital tool in numerous industries. For those intrigued by the marvels of laser engraving technology, the ComMarker B4 stands as an exemplary model.

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