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2.5D laser engraved dragon

2.5D B4 30w MOPA laser engraved deep carved stone


We found that many of our friends urge us to try something interesting. So we are here to give you some inspiration for different kinds of laser engravers‘ uses.

Today we bring the method of 2.5D laser engraving, and we hope you may like it. If you are also into 2.5D laser engraving, keep reading this article.

Actually, the picture for 2.5D laser engraving needs to be converted from STL, but some of the black and white are already converted and can be used directly in Lightburn.

Basic information:

Software Lightburn
Machine ComMarker B4 JPT MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine 
Laser Module Output Power 30W
Material Used Slate
Material Info 5mm slate
Making Time(mins) 1 hour

image 3

image 4


Process Method Filling
Process Material Slate
Speed(mm/s) 400
Max Power(%)  100
Mode 3D Sliced
Interval 0.04
Dot width 0.04



Test the material you want to laser engrave for the suitable parameter to achieve the effect you want.


Input the picture.


Set the parameter.


Keep patient, and your work will be finished within a few hours.

Design Files:


image 5

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