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10 Best Personalized Office Gifts for Employees

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With time and advancements, the saturation of offices and workplaces has increased employee numbers at a significant rate. However, not all workplaces offer a sense of belonging and employee recognition. Enhancing employee retention requires paying attention to staff preferences and requirements.

Gifting personalized items to employees is not only a growing trend but a great way to build company-employee relationships. Whether it’s for company events or other occasions, getting customized presents made for members of staff can help them feel recognized and a valued member of the team. Moreover, gifting tailor-made gifts to your colleagues also enhances relationships among team members.

A cost-effective yet attractive approach is getting laser engraving done on workspace items such as desk nameplates, coasters, tech accessories, and other products. In this regard, only a leading manufacturer such as ComMarker can provide the perfect laser engraving solution. Their latest B4 fiber laser engraving machines show high compatibility with a wide range of materials such as metals and leather.

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Whether bulk production such as company logos or individualized items like wallets can be created easily through this laser engraver. A simple text or complex design can be created through the high-functional Lightburn software that comes with this laser engraver. All you have to do is download the image or text to be carved on the object and input it into the software.

The laser engraves the same accurate pattern on the respective materials without any rough edges or burning. To get more ideas regarding personalized office gifts you can get for employees, we have crafted a detailed article for you below.

1. Engraved Desk Accessories

From general to unique, an individual can modify their workspace by adding customized touches such as laser-engraved nameplates on their desks. Small decorative frames made of metal and aluminum engraved with office joining dates, milestones achieved, and other significant details boost the employee’s mood. This is a thoughtful gift as it develops a sense of belonging for the employee.

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ComMarker B4 fiber laser engraver is the perfect tool for this, to create detailed engraving on metals, with a maximum depth of 0.3mm. This allows for design creation of varying depths according to the image or text provided. The company owners can also allow the employees to choose the engravings and the material of the accessories they want to add to their desks.

2. Custom Pens

Another considerate present to give to employees over their promotion, joining or other events are custom engraved pens. It is a classic yet highly practical gift. A customized pen holds significance when added a personal touch such as engraving the user’s name on it. This present builds motivation and drives the recipient to take part in office work more actively.

Pens generally come in different styles and have fewer engraving areas. For this, ComMarker brings forward its B4 fiber laser engraver with a precision of 0.01mm to create intricate patterns. You can easily get the recipient’s name etched in cursive or other fonts on the pen’s surface without making it feel rough. Different pen colors can also be chosen to create a beautiful contrast with the engraving.

3. Personalized Beverage Containers

Staying hydrated during long work hours can be highly productive and beneficial for the individual’s physical health. Mugs and water bottles are great hydration tools. Stainless steel, tinted and transparent glass, and ceramics are the popular materials used for these mugs and water bottles.

To make these more aesthetic and take away the boring look from these beverage containers, getting laser engraving done on them is ideal. To give them as a gift to your colleague or employee, getting their name engraved on them or the measurements engraved on them makes them special. Through this company owners can also encourage employees to opt for sustainable personalized reusable mugs and water bottles which propels eco-friendly measures.

The Q1 Diode Laser engraver from ComMarker can easily be engraved on water bottles, as it follows rotary engraving for cylindrical objects. The design can be engraved neatly throughout the curves of the bottle without any interruption or image disruption.

Q1 Diode Laser Engraver

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4. Personalized Pot Holders

Most offices are made of concrete walls, which give an urban look to the place. To add a touch of nature to the workspace, you can give a present to an employee, which can be a personalized pot holder for plants. Metal and brass are usually the materials used for these. You can get different quotes and patterns carved on the pit holder to create a unique corner for someone’s work area. A laser engraver can easily carve any style on the pot holder without reducing the luster of the metal. These designs are long-lasting and do not fade over time.

5.   Individualized Desk Organizers

Office desks can be plain but adding a hint of style with laser-engraved desks organized with personalized artwork can bring the right amount of vibrancy. A well-organized desk can do wonders for an employee’s efficiency and output by keeping their work area neat and free of clutter. Wood, leather, and acrylic desk organizers are preferred as laser engraving can create clear designs on them.

Personalized art may boost the employee’s engagement, productivity, and company branding at a cheap cost. Creating custom engravings of abstract art, and entertaining visuals through a laser engraver, may enhance a dull workspace. It is a great present as employees can always keep this in use.

6.  Company Branded Apparel

Company branding through gift-giving is a great way to build a personal bond with the employee body. As a deliberate gesture, gifting an employee or office colleague with branded apparel showcasing the company/logo name is an excellent present.

Heat transfer sticks are a terrific technique to put the corporate logo on a shirt, denim jeans, or work gear. Using laser engraving equipment, these stickers may be customized with different fonts and graphics. These may be applied to any garment using heat transfer technology.

The ComMarker UV laser engraver has compatibility to engrave denim fabric without burning or charring it. Designs with no rough edges can be created which can be worn by office staff or labor for a long time also making it a durable option. Regular branded apparel can also be elevated by getting a metal-based nameplate engraved with a laser engraving machine and attaching it to the clothing.

You can add a department name or team name etc to the apparel, which promotes visual representation to a certain level within the firm. Personalized apparel is also an icebreaker among new employees and old staff, which builds connections. It enables them to adjust easily in the office setting.

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7.    Personal Tech Accessories

We live in a tech-driven world where laptops and phones are our everyday tools whether in regular life or within an office setting. This is where tailor-made phone cases and laptop cases come into play. These are a perfect gift to add a personal flair to the recipient’s gadgets.

By choosing designs, quotes, initials, symbols, or logos, you can transform ordinary cases into statement pieces through laser engraving. ComMarker’s B4 Fiber Laser Engraver is compatible with plastics and polymers of different kinds, which are the production materials of phone cases and covers.

It has a large engraving area which is 110x110mm where the laptop case can be engraved easily. Detailed patterns can be carved on these cases without compromising their quality and making them stylish.

8.   Customized Badges

Badges are simple workplace items that, with a little creativity, can become valuable in identification and collaboration in corporate teams. Badges that are laser engraved with images of individuals or teams, names of employees, or inspirational quotes become treasured keepsakes.

Employers can gift their staff members with laser engraved aluminum or metal badges with their initials or full names, or company name engraved on them. This enhances their productivity as it motivates them and brings a sense of belonging to them. The everyday workplace experience is improved by these. As an added perk, you can have the employee’s photographs engraved on the badges.

9.   Handcrafted Personal Items

Establishing a personal connection with a colleague by gifting them hand-crafted workspace accessories is another great way. Through traditional engraving tools, anyone can engrave name initials and small symbols on planners, coasters, and other items. This makes for a long-lasting memory for the recipient and can be a cost-saving alternative for occasions such as birthdays or company events.

10.   Gift Cards

While thinking about ways to show employee appreciation, gift cards might be considered a safe choice. They have the potential to be powerful displays of acknowledgment, understanding, and gratitude with an element of customization.

To create a personalized touch on the gift cards.  Adding a handwritten note or engraving can make the gift card feel more special and thoughtful.  You can also consider using a commarker Q1 or UV engraving for a unique and professional finish.  The use of UV engraving paper is especially delicate and won’t burn, creating a great effect on the gift card.  This level of customization can make the employees feel truly valued and appreciated.


Employee recognition in a workplace is a critical aspect of maintaining a strong team. Gifting the employees with personalized items can allow them to feel a sense of belonging and valuable within the office. You can get laser engraver desk accessories as well as laptop cases to show your appreciation for employee dedication. Alongside this, fellow employees can also give customized presents to each other to build stronger connections. We hope this article helped you understand the top 10 personalized office gifts for employees effectively.

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