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Fiber laser mark black on stainless steel

Fiber laser mark black on stainless steel


Recently, some friends questioned me about how to laser engraver black on metal. So we are here to give you an easy way to find the way to laser engrave black on the metal.

The main point of laser engraving dark on the metal is to keep the propel focus inside the right one.

With the same parameter, in the propel focus, it doesn’t engrave the black; inside, it burns the metal with greater power.

Only until we find the suitable focus for back marking will it give the pretty black.

So how do we find the right focus to engrave dark?

Basic information:

ComMarker B4 20W fiber laser engraver machine

We will tell you in this article.Basic information:

Software Lightburn
Machine ComMarker B4
Laser Module Output Power 20W
Material Used Stainless steel
Material Info 1mm
Making Time(mins) 15mins



Process Method Filling/picture
Process Material Stainless steel
Speed(mm/s) 300
Max Power(%)  50
Pass 1
Line space 0.054
Frequency 25
image 1
Fiber laser mark black on stainless steel 3




Input some text for the test, and set the parameter as the instruction.


Set the laser engraver to the right focus.


Play the laser engraver and change the focus according to light strength until it reaches the propel focus.


After getting the right focus distance, you may measure it and keep it for further use.


Input the file that you need to engrave.


Set the parameter according to the suggested setting.


Laser-engrave the thing you want.

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