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Take Your Business to the Next Level With ComMarker Fiber Laser Engraver


If you’re stepping into the world of the marking industry, you probably have heard the term “fiber engraving machines as the widely discussed tool today. Being an entrant to this industry, feel proud that you’re coming at a very opportune time.

Fiber laser engraving machines from ComMarker- the pioneer of commercial laser engraver– is a revolutionary technology that has redefined traditional engraving, proving it as an essential tool for jewellers, artists and manufacturers.

Its unparalleled speed, precision and versatility and ability to engrave and mark materials fastly and accurately have completely transformed the engraving industry.

With the nature to do a multitude of tasks together, it’s a profitable tool for many professionals, hobbyists, and beginners to take their business to the next level.

Wondering what and how this tool works? Keep reading to discover the fundamentals of fiber laser tool functioning.

What and How Does the ComMarker Fiber Laser Engraving Do For You?

Invest in ComMarker Laser Engraving machines and expand your product portfolio from jewellery engravings to kitchenware barcode etching. You can even engrave a variety of colours onto metal using our ComMarker MOPA fiber laser engraving machines!

ComMarker Laser Engraving machines can do it all with high accuracy, from marking words, logo making, engraving brands names, dates, versions, photos, QR codes, engraving signage, engraving model number on metallic products, jewellery engraving, engraved bricks and many more.

In addition to this, the ComMarker fiber laser engravers can work with almost all types of materials, including steel, metal, ceramics, leather, rubber and plastics.

These tools are manufactured to engrave intricate and precise blueprints from significantly smaller text to very in-depth crafting.

Using higher-power lasers such as the commercial ComMarker B4 20W tech machine is able to create deep relief engraving on metals; with a rotary instrument, it can produce different words, symbols, and patterns on cups, pens, tumblers, rings, tools, and bracelets.

ComMarker Laser engraving uses a fiber laser beam of light to leave an impression on the items. The engraving machine extracts concentrated energy from light and uses it as the laser beam.

The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the material’s surface. The laser hits localized areas with massive energy levels to generate the high heat required for vaporization.

How To Begin Fiber Laser Engraving Different Material Using ComMarker?

Fibre Laser marking is a versatile process that can be done on a range of different materials for a wide variety of real-world applications.

If you’re a beginner, keep in mind that engraving material is quite challenging, as each material behaves differently during the engraving process; therefore, be prepared to face its own set of unique challenges.

To help you get through the process efficiently, we’ve outlined guidelines on how the ComMarker engraves the marks on the material.

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